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Yavapai Cattle Growers Association 91st Annual Calf Sale and Barbecue

News Release | October 22, 2023

The Yavapai Cattle Growers Association (YCGA) hosted their 91st Annual Calf Sale and Barbeque at Maughan’s West Fork Ranch in Peeples Valley on September 30, 2023. It was a delightful day in the heart of Arizona’s Ranch Country. The event was graced by the presence of about 550 attendees who savored the delectable barbequed beef.

Prominent officials such as Quang Nguyen-R, Arizona House of Representative (LD-1-2), Selina Bliss-R LD-1 Arizona House of Representatives, David Rhodes (Yavapai County Sheriff), James Gregory (Yavapai County Board of Supervisors), Craig Brown, and Judd Simmons (Yavapai County Assessor) marked their attendance.

Wilkinson – De Smet, South Dakota, was present at the event, giving a keynote address as the Calf Sale began. YCGA presented a beautiful belt buckle to Mr. Wilkinson for NCBA’s continuous support towards YCGA’s Calf Sale and Barbeque. Among the key speakers were Jerome Rosa (Assistant Director Animal Services, Arizona Department of Agriculture), Shane Burgess (Vice President, Environmental Sciences), and Suzanne Menges from CKP Insurance.

The ranchers did a commendable job. All the calves from Yavapai County Ranchers underwent a fair judgment, and the top steer and heifer calves were recognized as follows:

Top Five Steer calves:

  1. Groseta W Dart Ranch – Cottonwood
  2. Groseta W Dart Ranch – Cottonwood
  3. Windmill Mountain Ranch – Sedona
  4. Windmill Mountain Ranch – Sedona
  5. Windmill Mountain Ranch – Sedona

Top Heifer calves:

  1. Groseta W Dart Ranch – Cottonwood
  2. Katy Wright – Cottonwood
  3. Groseta W Dart Ranch – Cottonwood
  4. Groseta W Dart Ranch – Cottonwood
  5. Nature Fed, LLC dba Natures Fed Cattle – Camp Verde

Special thanks to the ranches who consigned calves for the Calf Sale:

  • Maughan Ranches – Peeples Valley
  • Moore Ranch – Congress
  • Fain Land & Cattle – Prescott Valley
  • Seven HL Wright Cattle Co. LLC – Cottonwood
  • Almida Land and Cattle – Paulden
  • T Anchor Ranch – Dugas
  • Major Cattle Co. – Chino Valley

A total of 30 calves were consigned to this Calf Sale.

Additionally, ranches that generously made cash donations amounting to $7,800, instead of consigning a calf, include:

  • Orme Ranch – Mayer
  • Deep Well Ranch – Prescott
  • Lazy Lo Ranch – Mayer
  • Pierre Mulaire – Camp Verde
  • Mesquite Hollow Ranch – Cornville

YCGA appreciates the Prescott Livestock Auction (PLA) for their services in weighing, sorting, and clerking the sale. Furthermore, YCGA President, Ken Ligon, plans to hand over a check to NCBA President, Todd Wilkinson, at the 2024 NCBA Convention and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida, from January 31 – February 2, 2024.

The YCGA is immensely grateful to all the ranches, buyers, and volunteers who helped make this 91st Annual Calf Sale and Barbeque an enormous success.

Photos from the event to be updated soon.

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